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Tanks for storage and distribution of biodiesel fuel

Innovative Biotank tanks are the safest and most cost-efficient method of storage and internal distribution of biodiesel fuel.

Cost-effectiveness - By allowing for wholesale purchase of biodiesel fuel, Biotank helps reduce the cost and time of driving to a petrol station.

Maintenance - straightforward maintenance guarantees safe operation. The product ensures that the refuelling station is kept clean and tide, as it does not require any special maintenance and is resistant to rotting and corrosion. It is easy to transport by a forklift or a hoisting crane. A closed casing protects the distributor against unauthorised access.

Durability - Biotank is resistant to mechanical damage, owing to its rigid, reinforced inner and outer shell. The product is resistant to extremely low and high temperatures, as well as UV radiation, due to its top-quality polyethylene and advanced manufacturing processes.

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